2023 Limited Countdown Calendar Set Clearance
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2023 Limited Countdown Calendar Set Clearance



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As the finale, a classic Montaigne hardcover gift box is launched. In cooperation with Italian contemporary artists, it outlines a fascinating starry night myth and creates an exquisite mini Christmas Advent Calendar.

The gift box design of this year’s Advent Calendar is also from him. The center of the gift box is still the protagonist of the brand – the exterior of No. 30 Avenue Montaigne. The artist created a strange and dreamy starry sky pattern around this iconic building, packing constellations, flowers, strange animals and other elements.

This gift box contains 24 items, covering perfume, scented candles, beauty makeup, and skin care. Except for a small star-shaped pendant, the rest are star products of the brand, and the overall sincerity is online. Among them, there are 8 types of perfumes, ranging in volume from 5 to 10ml; there are 4 types of scented wax candles, of which Montaigne No. 30 scented candles are in 85g packs. In addition, there are 15ml reverse cream, 10ml small pink diamond essence and the same 10ml small A bottle essence, etc.

Ingenuity creates a fantasy starry night, graceful flower patterns dance with charming constellations, and gorgeous stardust vividly draws smart birds and animals. 30 Avenue Montaigne is like the incarnation of the North Star, surrounded by Ursa Major, Camelopards, Lynx, Draco, Ursa Minor, Cepheus, Perseus and Cassiopeia. The 8 constellations dance lightly, echoing the lucky numbers.

Lightly open the 24 panes of the festival-limited calendar to explore  little surprises hidden behind the golden illusion, and count down silently, waiting for the festival to come.

– Real Me Eau de Toilette 5 ml
– My Pure Eau de Parfum 5 ml
– Wilderness Eau de Toilette 10 ml
– Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette 5 ml
– Mademoiselle Blooming Eau de Toilette 5 ml
– Darkwood Eau de Parfum 7.5 ml
– Montaigne 7.5 ml
– Frangipani Fragrance 7.5 ml
– Intense Blue Gold Lipstick 999 Legendary Red Lips Velvet
– Vibrant Blue Gold Lipstick (Sheer) Satin
– Vibrant Blue Gold Lipstick 100 Nude Style Velvet
– nail polish 999 7 ml
– Stunning Curling Mascara No. 090 4ml
– Stunning Lashes Nourishing Serum Primer 4 ml
– Reversal Cream* 15 ml
– Pink Diamond Essence** 10 ml
– Small A Bottle Essence*** 10 ml
– Montaigne No. 30 scented candle 85 g
– Guiyu Youming scented candle 35 g
– Amber night scented candle 35 g
– Honey orange garden scented candle 35 g
– Montaigne Body Cream 15 ml
– Mademoiselle Rose Hand Cream 20 ml
– lucky star decoration

  • Describe

Eau de Toilette is radiant and full of light. The fragrance of Grasse orange blossom is fresh and sparkling, injecting soul into the true self eau de toilette, and lighting up the bright fragrance of true self.

  • Describe

The boundless wilderness bursts out with infinite inspiration, and “wilderness” was born from this. The blue sky spreads over the gravel-spotted wilderness, and the scorching sun hangs high in the desert.

The free and passionate Calabrian bergamot accord is set off by the elegant and noble amber accord of Ambroxan, intertwined with elemi and multiple woody notes. The fragrance is extraordinary, showing sharpness and sharpness instantly, showing the charm of self-confidence and masculinity. Wilderness Eau de Toilette*, a fresh and sharp aromatic combination.

  • Describe

Gentle and lively, Miss Blooming Eau de Toilette for Women is like a bouquet of newly bloomed flowers. Hold it lightly in your arms, surrounded by a rich and graceful fragrance. The bright sweet pea aroma and the passionate and slightly bitter aroma of bergamot in the top notes are as hardworking and courageous as love at first sight. In the middle, the flowing Damask rose and peony are harmonious, bright and brilliant, warm and sincere. The soft tail note of white musk is lingering in love.

  • Describe

Presenting the Blossoms and Stars: graceful flowers and lucky totems dance together, shining a new chapter of red luck. The outer box of the lipstick is decorated with a limited totem, and it is lightly tied with delicate silk threads, showing the elegant elegance of the intense blue gold lipstick.



The formula contains natural flower extracts to complement lip makeup and care for lips: peony flower, whose extract has a caring effect and helps moisturize lips.

  • Describe

Newly presented the upgraded formula of nail polish, embellishing nail art. High-end color, bright glaze makeup effect, long-lasting makeup, shining fingertips.

  • Describe

The stunning curling mascara has been upgraded again to create dense and curled eyelashes, presenting an amazing deep eye makeup. With just one swipe, the eyelashes are instantly plumped and thickened, curled and shaped, and the makeup lasts for a long time. The inwardly curved “wave curling” eyelash brush can easily create curled and long stunning eyelashes, shape big eyes and bright eyes, and make eye makeup more radiant.

Enriched with Cotton Extract, this stunning curling mascara nourishes lashes for stronger, radiant shine.

  • Describe

Eyelash Eyelash Nourishing Essence Primer, multiplies the follow-up mascara makeup effect, and enhances the beauty of eyelashes day after day. Triple-action formula: volumizes, curls, and defines for instantly larger-looking lashes. 24-hour long-lasting curl*. Continuous use nourishes eyelashes and makes eyelashes more flexible. classic modern design

  • Describe

Compound Rose Peptide**: Rose Extract^^^ Synergy with Collagen Complex Peptide^, flower plant science encounters cutting-edge technology, creating a new realm of skin care technology: Triple age-free***
Deep aging, firm collagen matrix, significantly increased collagen type I and collagen VII^^.
Superficial aging, promote cell renewal^^.
The surface layer hides aging, promotes the production of ceramide, and strengthens the barrier^^.

The lightest version of the new reversal cream*, deeply repairs, tightens and lifts, plumps and smoothes wrinkles, and rejuvenates the skin’s youthful radiance.

  • Describe

Cutting-edge ultra-microcapsule technology, coagulated with 10,000 ultra-micro beads^. The innovative formula contains 92% of natural ingredients^^, moisturizing like essential oil, and penetrating like essence. After use, fine lines fade away, the skin feels firm inside, soft outside, and the contours are lifted proudly.

  • Describe

3 major core ingredients***, 3 super-A effects, significantly dilute the signs of aging. Evens out the skin around the eyes, tightens and brightens, and reduces wrinkles around the eyes.

Modify the eye area: Infused with rejuvenating flower seed extract*** and French rye extract***, it revitalizes and tightens.
Gentle massage: flexible elastic massage head, gently massage the skin around the eyes.
Refreshing and soothing: Alloy massage head, black skin care technology, refreshing and cooling, soothing the eye area.

The skin around the eyes is visibly smoothed and firmed, the eyes are radiant, puffy eyes are repelled, and wrinkles are reduced.

  • Describe

Gently ignite, the slightly spicy oriental fragrance slowly diffuses, creating a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, making people feel like being in a Montaigne salon, enjoying an extraordinary olfactory experience.

  • Describe

From the world-renowned skin care research center, it effectively moisturizes and brightens the skin.

  • Describe

The texture of nourishing cream contains rose flower water, which can be quickly absorbed, nourishing and caring, making the skin of hands soft and delicate, and at the same time exuding an attractive fragrance.


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